Bird Management.

Arrival Day 1 at the loft

  • Vaccination with PMV/Paratyphoid combo vaccine  (separate needle used for each breeder's birds)
  • Canker and coccidiosis tablet given (Trizole)
  • Privemectrin Spray applied to combat external parasites
  • Topigeon Clocking Chip applied and entered into Wincompanion
  • Birds placed in quarantine loft with electrolytes and probiotics in water (all birds beaks will be dipped in water to make sure they get a drink and closely watched to make sure they have figured it out)

Birds will be in the quarantine loft for at least 6 days and will be given a deworming tablet at some point during this period.  I will be watching to make sure all birds are eating and drinking before I deworm each group of birds in quarantine.  Birds will be given an additional coccidiosis/canker tablet, and sprayed again with privemectrin when moved into racing loft.

Products that I use and will be using during the 2017 season

Birds will have access to lots of top quality food, supplements, clean water, and lots of sunshine. Drinkers will be disinfected daily.

Birds will be on 18 hours of daylight throughout the season and the 9th and 10th flights will be pulled on birds that are received before May 1st.