2020 Crooked River Challenge

Accepting 1000 birds February 17th through May 1st.


All birds must be vaccinated for PMV at least 14 days before arriving at the loft.

All birds must be banded with a 2020 seamless band recognized by a National Organization (AU, IF, CU...etc).

Perch Fee:  $115 per Bird (non refundable). Prepayment of perch fees after January 1st is the only way to confirm perch reservations.  Birds with unpaid perch fees will not enter the racing loft.

Entry Fee:  $450 per bird due after 150 mile activation race. 

10% of entry fees will be held for expenses.  Entry fees will be refunded in full, if bird does not make it to the 200 mile race.

Birds will be quarantined in a separate loft for at least 7 days upon arrival.  Birds will be vaccinated for PMV, treated for coccidiosis, canker, and internal/external parasites before entering the racing loft.  All birds are chipped and entered into Wincompanion upon arrival.

All birds will be on lights and have their 9th and 10th flight pulled in accordance with their molt.

Visitors are welcome by appointment.

All birds that return from the 150 mile activation  (48 hour) must be activated to maintain breeder eligibility.  There is no picking and choosing of birds. All or nothing.

GPS Tracking on trailer for all training and racing.

 4  Race Average Speed Series

Race dates subject to change due to weather conditions and condition of the athletes. 

150 mile activation-August 26th (not part of average speed)

200 mile - 1st bird in clock $1500, 2nd $1000, 3rd $500-Sept 2nd

250 mile - 1st bird in clock $1500, 2nd $1000, 3rd $500-Sept 9th

300 mile- 15% of prizes paid to the top 10% of actual birds sent to the 300 mile race - Sept 16th

350 mile - 70% of prizes paid to top 10% of actual birds sent to the 350 mile race - extra $1,000 to first bird in clock - Sept 23rd

Overall Average Speed 15% of prizes paid to the top 3 birds (50/30/20 split)

Prizes paid by first drop then clocking order in the 300 and 350 mile race. If a bird does not clock and is known to have been in the drop, bird will be entered as last bird in that drop.  If there is a tie in the clock, those prizes will be added together and divided equally.

All races are 48 hours from time of release.  In the event that no birds clock within the 48 hour period all money will be divided equally among actual birds sent to that particular race and refunded.  If all prizes are not claimed within the 48 hour window of a particular race, the remaining monies will be divided equally among the winners.

Birds not activated by the time of the first race, may be activated by another breeder.  All non activated birds, will be become property of Crooked River Challenge.

Birds will be shipped back at breeder’s expense dependent upon USPS postage rates. Birds not claimed 5 days after the last race will become property of Crooked River Challenge. 

W-9 forms will need to be completed if winnings are over $600

We will be using Topigeon clocking system and Wincompanion for live viewing.

Crooked River Challenge reserves the right to deny entry to any breeder not following the rules.  

Ship Birds to:

Crooked River Challenge

Lucas Cramer

1522 SE Grizzly Rd Madras OR 97741



Please make checks payable to Crooked River Challenge